We had the opportunity to visit two international congresses the last month! One congress was ‘Up The Game – The Future of Experience’. A congress about everything that’s new in the Escape Room Scene. The other congress was from ‘The International Association of Trampoline Parks – IATP’ with the focus ‘Jump Higher’. Both events showed us the latest news, developments and novelties. Hundreds of visitors, from more than twenty countries, from all over the world were inspired by many different speakers about their expertise. As a Trendwatcher I had the opportunity to speak about the 111 World Trends for the Trampoline Park owners and operators at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. In Breda we visited the congress ‘Up The Game – The Future of Experience in Escape Rooms’. I had the possibility to join several presentations and visit all the exhibitors who could tell me everything about creating an Escape Room and explained more about the puzzles. As a Trendwatcher it gave me insights into what future developing we could expect in the next few years. I was very pleased about the positive reaction of the visitors here. Some of them let me know that they had picked-up some great ideas which they could definitely use.

Striking similarities

It seems a little bit strange, but did you know that almost ten years ago booths, Escape Rooms and Trampoline Parks didn’t existed? The first professional Trampoline park in the USA was started in 2006 and the first Escape Room in the Netherlands around 2010. It has become a big hit since then and has become a serious part of the Leisure Industry. Who could have thought that Trampoline parks belong to the fastest growing Franchise Organisation in America? Questions about the safety security rules is a challenge for both innovations. There is no official inspection certificate but it seems only a matter of time before the European rules are becoming the standard. It is amazing that both attractions have the same length of time to play. In one hour you are the highest jumper or the smartest. Every location charges an hour rate. The average price is about € 15.- p.p. and you pay by the hour at each location.

Inspired by Theme Parks

I could wholeheartedly say yes! You could have a franchise organisation but that means you aren’t a BRAND yet. Do you know what Co-Branding means? Guests are prepared to pay more when it’s a BRAND! Dynamic Pricing could be very interesting to improve the number of visitors. Even restaurants charge different prices for the same menu during the week. When I booked an Escape Room or Trampoline Experience I couldn’t have a decent dinner or a drink with my friends. What I see the most is a simple eatery. I believe that these owners don’t have any idea about consumer trends. Do you know that fun shopping has beaten cycling and is becoming an even more popular activity? Why don’t Escape Rooms or Trampoline Parks sell merchandise! It is one of the most favourite consumer trends today. Do you now about Up- and Cross selling? For example, you could invite your friends and let them use discount vouchers.
The traditional leisure market like FEC’s, Indoor Playgrounds, Bowling Centres and Carting are expending their activities. Storytelling and a good Customer Journey are the most important ingredients to create an immersive experience! …Did you hear about ‘The profit maximalisation model’? Just send me an e-mail or follow my BLOGS on LinkedIn or www.pleisureworld.nl.

Hans van Leeuwen, International Trendwatcher & Leisure Consultant

Escape Room community : https://upthegame.nl/
INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TRAMPOLINE PARKS : https://www.indoortrampolineparks.org/

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Together with Sidijk – Klaas Siderius – During the international Congress

More than 25 international speakers and a great diversity of booths

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