Campplus privesanitair

Growing demand for more luxury and privacy

There is a growing demand for more luxury and privacy on campsites. Our units provide both.  The CampPlus unit will significantly increase the turnover and occupancy of your campsite pitches. Unlike a regular shower and toilet block, it’s an investment that pays for itself.

On our website – or – you’ll find a calculator that shows you just how short the payback period can be. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. Because it is built to the highest standards, the unit will provide extra revenue for many years after it has paid for itself.

Your guests will just love it. Recent studies show that 89% of the people who had used a pitch with private facilities will want it again on their next camping vacation. 73% said that private facilities would be at the top of their wish list.

CampPlus units will attract new customers as well: A large group, who don´t go camping right now (or anymore), are likely to become interested again if they had access to en-suite facilities. And they tend to be people who are happy to spend money on the nicer things in life.

Because of the quality and ruggedness of the materials used in the unit, it can be used as a shared mini shower and toilet block on a remote field as well. The CampPlus unit can also be the perfect addition to Pods, Yurts and Safari tents. It makes the experience of luxury and being pampered complete.

CampPlus Units – the ultimate glamping service.
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